Mum fumes as neighbour watches loud TV outside as she can’t enjoy her own garden

Mum fumes as neighbour watches loud TV outside as she can’t enjoy her own garden

When it comes to sharing spaces with other people, most of us are considerate enough to understand that not everyone wants to hear your music, or listen to whatever video you’re watching. But some people don’t think about the noise they’re making and how it impacts other people – as one mum has recently discovered.

The woman vented her frustrations online after her neighbour built a cabin-like structure in their garden and put a TV inside it, which they have since been using to watch football matches and films away from their main house. And while the mum knows her neighbour can use their space in whatever way they wish, the noise from the cabin makes it impossible for her to enjoy the peace and quiet of her own garden.

In a post on Mumsnet, she wrote: “My lovely neighbour built a cabin/pagoda on our boundary during lockdown. They have hooked up a TV [inside] and [the male neighbour] likes to use it to watch sport or films. Fine, but it is hard to avoid the noise of feeling like in ‘room’ with him.

“Last week I sat out having lunch to the soundtrack of a football match and commentary. I’m all for live and let live so not sure how to approach this. Unless he wears headphones there is no getting away from the noise. Ideas please for approaching this?”

Commenters on the post said the mum would be unlikely to get “absolute quiet” in her garden unless she moved to a remote location where she didn’t have neighbours at all.

But others said the woman could always ask politely for the man to wear headphones while watching TV – but noted that he may not be keen on obliging.

One person said: “If you want absolute quiet and privacy in your garden, you’d better move to the middle of nowhere. People living their lives make noise. As long as it’s not at unsociable hours, you have to suck it up.”

While another added: “I would try speaking to them rather than allowing people on here to tell you he is an a**ehole. It’s entirely possible he doesn’t know it’s bothering you.”

A third disagreed though, as they stated: “Your neighbour is being totally thoughtless and inconsiderate. Yes, everyone should be able to use their gardens, but not by making so much noise that it becomes a nuisance to everyone else in the surrounding area.”

Someone else posted: “I feel your pain, my garden and next doors is more like a large patio, you cannot get away from noise, just waiting for winter when its too cold to be outside.”